Advancing excellence in laboratory medicine for better healthcare worldwide

Task Force on Outcome Studies in Laboratory Medicine (TF-OSLM)


Call for nominations on going, deadline: June 30th, 2021.
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Scope & Mandate

  • Identify existing peer reviewed, high quality publications that demonstrate the value of laboratory medicine in healthcare overall.
  • Develop a funded research program for investigators in hospitals located around the world to conduct new retrospective and prospective research with outcomes that assess the value of laboratory medicine in healthcare overall. The taskforce could help centres in setting up studies to properly collect such data (common study protocols and formats) and publish their findings.
  • Create a repository/database of publications that is accessible by members of IFCC.
  • Working with CPD and the C-PR, the taskforce will develop publications, presentations, webinars and other communications materials to help IFCC members use this data to effectively promote the critical value of laboratory medicine in healthcare to key stakeholders.
  • The Taskforce will closely coordinate with other IFCC groups involved in related activities, including CPD, C-VPLM, TF-CM and others, as required.
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